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Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

  • The Stand Up Pouch – Our Most Popular Configuration

    The Stand Up Pouch – Our Most Popular Configuration

    Stand up pouches are manufactured with a bottom gusset which, when deployed, allows the pouch to stand up on the shelf in a store, instead of laying down like flat pouches. Commonly referred to as SUPs, this gusseted package have more space than a 3-seal with the same outer dimensions.

    Many customers ask for a hang hole on their custom stand up pouches. It’s always good to be versatile to help your distributors sell more of your products, so these bags can be manufactured with or without a hole.

    You can combine a black film with a clear film, or metallized with a glossy finishing. Contact us to learn more about custom printed pouches and stand up pouch projects.

  • Custom Diecut Shaped Pouch for Various Shapes

    Custom Diecut Shaped Pouch for Various Shapes

    Why choose the Diecut Shaped Pouch?

    • Diecut almost any silhouette

    • Compatible with pour spouts

    • Stand up pouch or lay flat configurations

    • Fully printable packaging.

    Common Applications For Shaped Pouches:

    • Drink pouches

    • Baby food

    • Marathon energy gels

    • Syrups

    • Ordering Shaped Pouches

    • Minimum order is 500 pouches

    • Digital and Plate printing available.

    • Optionally setup as Spout Pouches.

    More Design…

  • 2 Seal Pouches- Flexible Options

    2 Seal Pouches- Flexible Options

    The 2-Seal Pouch has been around a very long time. Similar to standard “Ziploc™”-style pouches, side seal pouches are a continuous plastic film that folds over and is heat sealed on both sides. A 2-side seal pouch presents less rigid configuration, allowing lose product to fill in where other types of bags prevent it.

    Many customers request this configuration either because it matches their current design, or they want a flexible non-stand up bottom.

    While for many applications the 2-side seal pouch has been eclipsed by the stand up pouch or a 3-side seal, there are many applications where a 2-seal pouch is preferred. Most notably a 2-side seal is the basis of all ESD shielding bags.

    •  Tried and true design.

    • Great for ESD shielding application.

    •  A less rigid configuration, more flexible.

    • Emulates Flow Packaging, and fast Tubing.

    •  Easy Machine Loading.

  • 3 Side Seal Pouch – Packaging for Snacks Nuts

    3 Side Seal Pouch – Packaging for Snacks Nuts

    The best solution when you don’t need your bags to sit on a shelf – holds products like frozen foods, candies, jerky, cannabis, pharmaceuticals and more!

    The 3 Side Seal Pouches are widely used, they are less expensive than Stand Up Pouches, and they can be easily and quickly loaded into products. In a 3 side seal configuration, you load the product in the same way the customer removes it: through the top. Also, zippered bags can be used without heat sealing (but not recommended).

    If you need it, a 3 side seal pouch may be the perfect packaging for your product. Quick and easy, load into 3 side seal pouch from the top, seal and done! Your product will stay fresh, moisture-free and oxygen-free until your customers open the package.

  • Square Bottom Bags – Pouches for Coffee & Other Products

    Square Bottom Bags – Pouches for Coffee & Other Products

    With square bottom bags, you and your customers can enjoy the benefits of a traditional bag along with those of a stand-up pouch.

    Square bottom bags have a flat bottom, stand up on their own, and the packaging and colors can be customized to truly represent your brand. Perfect for ground coffee, loose tea leaves, coffee grounds, or any other food items that require a tight seal, square bottom bags are guaranteed to elevate your product.

    The combination of a box bottom, EZ-pull zipper, tight seals, sturdy foil, and the optional degassing valve creates a high-quality packaging option for your products.

  • Child Resistant Packaging – Child Proof Pouches

    Child Resistant Packaging – Child Proof Pouches

    If your product is potentially dangerous to children, you need to make sure your packaging is child resistant and designed for safety. Child resistant packaging isn’t just a packaging add-on; it’s used as a poison prevention method to stop children from ingesting dangerous items.

    Child resistant packaging comes in a variety of zipper formats from press to close zipper exit bags to stand up pouch zippers. All styles require two-handed dexterity to open the package. Adults have no problem opening and accessing the contents, but it is extremely difficult for children to do so.

    All our child resistant pouches are smell proof and designed to be opaque, keeping the contents hidden from view, as required by many state laws. Regardless of your industry or product, we have the right child proof packaging for you.

  • Fin Seal Pouches & Bags – Pouches for Food & Other Products

    Fin Seal Pouches & Bags – Pouches for Food & Other Products

    Fin Seal pouches are a traditional pouch design that has been used successfully for years, and is predominately associated with high speed and automatic filling environments. Our customers can buy both Fin seal ready roll stock, and fin seal bags.

    • High speed loading configuration

    • Compatible with pull-tab zippers

    • Available in Fin and Lap Configurations

    • Back Right / Front / Back Left layouts

    • Flexible designs

    • Printing

  • Liquid Pouches with Pour Spout – Beverages Beer Juice

    Liquid Pouches with Pour Spout – Beverages Beer Juice

    Liquid spout bags, also known as a fitment pouch, are gaining popularity very quickly for a variety of applications. A spouted pouch is an economical and efficient way to store and transport liquids, pastes, and gels. With the shelf life of a can, and the convenience of an easy open pouch, both co-packers and customers are loving this design.

    Common Spouted Pouch Applications

    Baby food



    Alcoholic beverage add-ins

    Single serve fitness drinks

    Cleaning Chemicals

    Spouted packaging can be made compatible with retort applications. Industrial uses abound with savings in both transportation costs and pre-fill storage.

  • Tamper Evident Bags & Security Bags

    Tamper Evident Bags & Security Bags

    Why use a Tamper Evident bag? Tamper Evidence is critical to assuring that your customer knows if a bag has been opened prior to their first use. Since it shows clear signs of tampering, it prevents unauthorized tampering with a bag’s contents. Tamper Evidence requires that the end consumer physically alter the packaging in such a way that it is plainly evident that the bag has been opened. For clear plastic bags this is accomplished using a tear notch and heat seal. The consumer uses t...