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Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Works equally well on almost any kind of material. For high-volume printing, using offset printing can effectively help you reduce costs.

MOQ: 2000 or more

Delivery time: 7-12 days (depending on order quantity), after design confirmation and receipt of advance payment

Prepress cost: None

Color capacity: 8 colors

Offset Printing Minfly

The benefits of offset printing

Superior image quality

clean, distinct type and images without streaks or spots

Better color fidelity, which refers to both the accuracy of the colors and their balance in the design

Works equally well on almost any kind of material

For large volume jobs,  you’ll actually spend less on big offset jobs than a digital print, which is about same per piece no matter how big the job gets.

The drawbacks of offset printing

High cost of low-volume jobs

Longer timetable since plates need to be created

Worse fallout in case there’s an error