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Child Resistant

Child Resistant

  • Child Resistant Packaging – Child Proof Pouches

    Child Resistant Packaging – Child Proof Pouches

    If your product is potentially dangerous to children, you need to make sure your packaging is child resistant and designed for safety. Child resistant packaging isn’t just a packaging add-on; it’s used as a poison prevention method to stop children from ingesting dangerous items.

    Child resistant packaging comes in a variety of zipper formats from press to close zipper exit bags to stand up pouch zippers. All styles require two-handed dexterity to open the package. Adults have no problem opening and accessing the contents, but it is extremely difficult for children to do so.

    All our child resistant pouches are smell proof and designed to be opaque, keeping the contents hidden from view, as required by many state laws. Regardless of your industry or product, we have the right child proof packaging for you.