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2-Seal Pouch

2-Seal Pouch

  • 2 Seal Pouches- Flexible Options

    2 Seal Pouches- Flexible Options

    The 2-Seal Pouch has been around a very long time. Similar to standard “Ziploc™”-style pouches, side seal pouches are a continuous plastic film that folds over and is heat sealed on both sides. A 2-side seal pouch presents less rigid configuration, allowing lose product to fill in where other types of bags prevent it.

    Many customers request this configuration either because it matches their current design, or they want a flexible non-stand up bottom.

    While for many applications the 2-side seal pouch has been eclipsed by the stand up pouch or a 3-side seal, there are many applications where a 2-seal pouch is preferred. Most notably a 2-side seal is the basis of all ESD shielding bags.

    •  Tried and true design.

    • Great for ESD shielding application.

    •  A less rigid configuration, more flexible.

    • Emulates Flow Packaging, and fast Tubing.

    •  Easy Machine Loading.