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Nuts Packaging

Nuts Packaging

  • Custom Nuts Packaging – Food Packaging Pouches

    Custom Nuts Packaging – Food Packaging Pouches

    Packaging is critical to a brand’s survival and success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Probably most consumers can quickly think of packaging, logos, and designs for major nut brands with their eyes closed.

    Nut packaging is not only central to the look of the brand, but also to maintaining the freshness of the nuts and making it easier for consumers to enjoy snacks for longer!

    Dear Nuts-Business runners,

    Have you ever met such a dilemma? Too many nuts’ SKUs to run and pack while we need to keep the packaging inventory and cost low. How to save costs if we need to test the market and show exquisite looks at the exhibition?
    Try our digital printing solutions allowing the small MOQ. Say 5skus mixed in 500-1000pcs. In this way, the total cost can be well controlled.

    How to save costs if we need to lower the unit price per packaging bag?
    Try our plate printing solution allowing the lowest unit price per bag. MOQ 10000pcs.